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Autoforce GPS Tracker - (SIM Card, 6Month Subscription, Android/iOS App, Hidden, Waterproof, Black)

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Did you know where is your vehicle? Do you own multiple vehicles (Car/Bike) & unable to track? Need protection against vehicle theft? Well, we have a complete solution!

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We have a great solution for Vehicle Tracking.

  1. You can protect your vehicle from theft.
  2. Instantly you can check where is your vehicle parked.
  3. Be aware your vehicle moving from the parking.
  4. You can able to set your vehicle safe zone as home/office..etc.
  5. Do you own business related to logistic or commercial?
    1. You can able to live track all of your vehicle at one single dashboard.
    2. You can able to give proper arrival TAT to your customer.
    3. Manage your driver driving habits.
    4. Get instant high speed alert.
    5. Monitor your driver how many times he stopped the vehicle.
    6. Check your vehicle Idle time for the day.
  6. Brilliant analytical dashboard allows you monitor travel history of your vehicles.
  7. You can able to check travel period from point A to point B with the total distance, average speed, maximum speed, etc.

All of above futures available in your fingertips with our powerful device and the app.

Universal GPS device that fits anywhere on your vehicle!

Light weight waterproof GPS device that fits anywhere on your vehicle!

Smaller in size and greater performance with our superior app makes you to track your vehicle lively.

Why prefer Autoforce GPS?

Autoforce GPS, A complete tracking solutions:

“Autoforce GPS” gives you complete solution for live tracking with the current speed, position, average speed, total distance covered and many more. You can track each vehicles trip wise report along with the “Play back” options with the date & time. You can create “Safe Zone” for your each vehicles that could be your parking lot and get a notification if moved out of the place. You will also get anti-theft notification if the vehicle moved from the locations.

1. One powerful APP can manage multiple devices with the dedicated dashboard. Simple & user friendly vehicle navigation, instant information about the vehicle statistics. Track real time movement on your smart phone using highly powerful GPS chip, cloud servers and smart algorithm.

2. Brilliant Analytics: that gives you daily stats of total distance, maximum speed, average speed, run time, idle time, stoppage time of a vehicle using detailed view visualization

3. Live GPS tracking & Travel history Data- Highly powerful GPS chip which sends every seconds of vehicle accurate location to our smart servers and you can watch your vehicle live location plus full day vehicle history on our mobile app.

4. Instant Notifications- Get notified in case if ignition is turned on or vehicle is moved out of safe zone via towing or pushing.

5. Set Safe Zone and Speed Limits: Define Geo-fences / safe zones on a map and get alerts when a vehicle enters/exits those zones.

Autoforce GPS Tracker - (SIM Card, 6Month Subscription, Android/iOS App, Hidden, Waterproof, Black)

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